Mauritshuis in The Hague

The Mauritshuis was built as a home for count Johan Maurits van Nassau-Siegen. The basis of the collection was established by stadtholder Prince William V. In 2012-2014, the building was extensively restored and expanded. Since then, the 17th-century building has been connected with the corner of Sociëteit de Witte on the opposite side of the street via an underground Foyer. This doubled the surface of the museum and allowed it to meet the demands of the modern-day museum visitor. Johan Maurits had an impressive home built at a prominent location in the heart of The Hague. The construction took place while he himself was Brazil, where he was governor of the Dutch colony on behalf of the West-Indian Company (WIC). When he returned in 1644, he took residence at the Mauritshuis. But in 1647, he left for Germany to become stadtholder of Kleef.

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