Museon in The Hague

The Museon in The Hague is a museum for culture and science. Visitors are inspired to discover the world and treat it with respect. In the central exhibition One Planet you learn in a fun way what you can do yourself to keep our earth livable.

Museon is both educational and fun. The main exhibition takes you on a voyage of discovery that reveals many unexpected relationships between man and its surrounding nature and culture. Museon’s best quality is that it translates topical themes and developments in science and society into easily accessible information for a broad audience.

Accessibility Museum
The Museon is located in the Statenkwartier near the Scheveningen beach and is easily accessible by public transport, car and bicycle. From The Hague Central Station and Holland Spoor, tram 16 will take you to the museum in about twenty minutes. From Station CS you can also take bus 24, which runs between Station Mariahoeve and Kijkduin.

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